Active SNES to VB Adapter

Active SNES to VB Adapter

This is an active mapper that will allow mapping of SNES controller inputs to VB controller outputs.   The VB side interfaces with a shift register IC like a native controller implementation.  On the SNES side a microcontroller reads the SNES controller and then sets the shift register outputs accordingly.  There is a micro USB port to allow end user changes of the mapping and future firmware updates.


Note: This is a preorder.  PCBs are due to arrive on 7/16/2021.  I'll need about 2 weeks for firmware and testing.  Units should start shipping the 1st to 2nd week of August.  


This is also a limited small run of PCBs.  Only 25 are being made.


Features overview:

  • Active mapping from any SNES input to any VB output
  • SNES input connector for wired or wireless controllers
  • VB output cable to VB controller input
  • 3D printed carbon fiber enclosure (not shown)
  • 2.1mm 12V DC input jack
  • AC/DC adapter included
  • Power switch with LED indicators
  • USB port for user updates of SNES to VB mapping
  • Future firmware updates are possible