RetroOnyx Origins

My name is Kevin Mellott and RetroOnyx is my new site dedicated to building retro gaming gear.  I've been building retro gaming hardware for the last ~7 years.  I've been a electrical engineer for 12 years.  Tinkering with Virtual Reality projects for nearly 25+ years now.  My goal here is to provide innovative niche gaming products for the retro community.  I enjoy surprising people with unexpected features in my projects. 


RetroOnyx has a strong history with Nintendo Virtual Boy projects, starting years ago on the forums.  I will continue with my Virtual Boy projects here, as well as bring my design ideas to other retro gaming platforms.  


The name RetroOnyx comes from a combination of retro gaming and onyx 3D print material, which is the carbon fiber material a lot of my products contain.  These are exciting times with so much that can be designed and realized.  I look forward to the future and what RetroOnyx can bring to the gaming community.

Packing Services
Beverage Mug and a Laptop
Jeans Store Window