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RetroOnyx Origins

My name is Kevin Mellott and RetroOnyx is my dedicated site for retro gaming gear.  I've been designing retro gaming hardware for the last ~8 years.  Electrical engineer for 14 years.  Tinkering for nearly 25+ years now.  The goal for RetroOnyx is to design, build, and ship innovative retro gear for multiple gaming platforms with a high emphasis on quality.  I currently build gear for Virtual Boy, Wonderswan, Dreamcast, and a few other systems.  I'm always looking to expand so feel free to reach out with products you'd like to see built.

RetroOnyx has a strong history with Nintendo Virtual Boy projects, starting years ago on the forums.  I will continue with my Virtual Boy projects here, as well as bring my design ideas to other retro gaming platforms.  I currently build products for Virtual Boy, Wonderswan, Dreamcast, and a few others.  


The name RetroOnyx comes from a combination of retro gaming and my original Onyx 3D printing filament, which is the carbon fiber material many of my products contain.  These are exciting times with so much that can be designed and realized.  I look forward to the future and what RetroOnyx will bring to the gaming community.

Packing Services
Beverage Mug and a Laptop
Jeans Store Window
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