Dreamcast Serial Link Cable

Dreamcast Serial Link Cable

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This is a custom Dreamcast Serial link cable.  Ends are custom designed to properly fit a DC serial port.  These are NOT HDMI connectors but fully custom for a proper fit.  This allows 2 player action between two DC consoles.  


Features overview:

  • Custom 3D printed carbon fiber parts
  • Proper fit Dreamcast serial port connector
  • All new parts
  • 6' long cable (can be up to 12')


Current DC 2 player games that use this cable are: 

Ferrari 355 (USA/JP),
Aero Dancing F,
Aero Dancing I,
Sega Tetris,
Virtual-On: Oratario Tangram (USA/JP),
Hell Gate (Prototype)


F355 and Virtual-On require codes to enable 2 player mode:

F335 - Hold X+Y or LT + RT on Menu Screen to show link menu
Virtual On - Press and hold ''LT + RT + A + Start'' at the Title screen

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