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HyperBoy 32Mbit Flashcart

HyperBoy 32Mbit Flashcart

You can also find these at Stone Age Gamer!


HyperBoy is all about getting a cheaper flash cart for Virtual Boy out to VB gamers.  It's based on my HF32 design, but drops the eInk screen, cap touch buttons, haptic feedback, and SD card to reduce cost.  It requires a PC to update games and is still a "1 game at a time" cart.  I've also added some RetroOnyx flare to it like aluminum covers with laser etched graphics.  Lastely, it's the first ever VB flash cart built from 100% new parts.  No donors parts used for these!


Note: The Thunderstruck HyperBoyFlasher GUI or command line tools are required to use this product for ROM updates.  See the links below. 


Features overview:

  • 32 Mbit Flash memory
  • 8kx8 or 32kx8 nvSRAM (depending on parts availability)
  • Aluminum anodized covers
  • 3D printed carbon fiber frame
  • Laser etched graphics
  • USB port for game loading
  • Uses a current generation GUI called HyperBoyFlasher


Compared to FlashBoy+, HyperBoy has the following advantages:

  • Backup of SRAM files using HyperBoyFlasher 2.0 from Thunderstruck
  • Current generation GUI
  • Automatic padding of ROM files
  • Double the flash memory
    • Holds the full Hyper Fighting ROM file
  • Four times the SRAM
  • nvSRAM, so no backup battery to worry about



  • HyperBoy Flasher Utility

    The Thunderstruck HyperBoy-Flasher GUI for Win x64.  This is the main application for PC users.

  • HyperBoy Command Line Interface- Win x64

    The Thunderstuck Win x64 command line interface (CLI) for HyperBoy.

  • HyperBoy Command Line Interface-Linux

    The Thunderstuck Linux command line interface (CLI) for HyperBoy.

  • HyperBoy Command Line Interface-OSX

    The Thunderstruck OSX command line interface (CLI) for HyperBoy

  • HyperBoy Card Detector Test Program

    This application will run in a command window in Windows and is a test utility for detecting HyperBoy on a COM port.

  • FTDI Drivers

    You can find the latest FTDI VCP drivers here.

  • HyperBoy QuicK Start Guide

    They HyperBoy quick start guide can be found here.

Aluminum cover color
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