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MultiBoy VB Multicart

MultiBoy VB Multicart

MultiBoy is my Virtual Boy Multicart.  This is a flash cart with VB on-screen menu for game selection.  A true VB multicart solution.  It's time to bring it to life using lessons learned from my HyperFlash32 and HyperBoy development work.


Note: Specs below are subject to change.  Sign up for stock notifications to be notified when it becomes available.  Please sign up for the PlanetVB Discord channel as well for the latest updates: 


Planned Features:

  • VB On-screen menu interface
  • Optional full color eInk screen
  • Game control of eInk screen
  • 128Mbit PSRAM for ROM space
  • 128k x 16 SRAM for RAM space
  • On cart game acceleration (math coprocessor)
  • SD Card slot for files
  • Audio customization using I2S
  • Auto backup of SRAM save files (only games that support save)
  • Aluminum laser etched covers
  • Carbon fiber frame
  • USB development port
  • User firmware updates



    Aluminum cover color
    Out of Stock
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