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Nintendo Power Glove Gamepad Adapter

Nintendo Power Glove Gamepad Adapter


Nintendo Power Glove USB adapter.  This adapter will make the Mattel Nintendo Power Glove appear as a Windows 10 gamepad.  Tracking, fingers, and buttons implemented.  Works in Hi-Res mode 0.  Shows up as a dual COM port with additional filter functions available if you're willing to use a terminal program like RealTerm.  Made from my 3D printed carbon fiber housings and built like a tank.  Micro USB-B output.


Features overview:

  • Custom designed 3D printed carbon fiber parts
  • Windows Gamepad emulation
  • Runs Power Glove in Hi-Res Mode 0
  • Secondary COM port for internal parameter adjustment
  • Tracking, button, and finger sensor support


I've been building versions of the PG adapter for nearly 25 years now.

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