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VB Controller USB Adapter

VB Controller USB Adapter

Virtual Boy controller USB adapter.  The latest version of my adapter emulates an XBox controller output and is fully compatible with computer, RetroPie, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and Oculus Go.  VB controller connector on one side and USB micro-B on the other.  Made from all new parts.  Case and connector are made from 3D printed carbon fiber.


Perfect to use with a PC with Mednafen or Oculus wtih the VirtualBoyGo emulator.  


Features overview:

  • Custom designed VB controller connector
  • XBox controller emulation
  • Works with Oculus Go, Quest, Quest 2
  • Works with VirtualBoyGo emulator, PC, and RetroPie
  • USB micro-B
  • X and Y button emulation
  • X and Y Button Support

    X and Y buttons are supported by holding down both the Left and Right trigger buttons and then hitting A or B.  

  • VirtualBoyGo Emulator For Oculus

    Here's a link to the VirtualBoyGo emulator for Oculus Go, Quest, and Quest 2.

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