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Virtual Boy 32Mbit V2 Reprogrammable PCB

Virtual Boy 32Mbit V2 Reprogrammable PCB

Assembled 32Mbit Virtual Boy PCBs.  Contains dual 16Mbit Flash chips and battery backed 32k x 8 SRAM.  This completely assembled cart can be used to create most VB games.  A programmer is required.  The RetroOnyx 32Mbit cart was designed for Virtual WarZone.  It can also hold the full ROM of HyperFighting and any other ROM that is equal to or smaller than 32Mbit.  


Features overview:

  • 32Mbit Flash
  • Battery backed SRAM
  • Fits RetroOnyx Aluminum shells
  • Requires some OEM shell internal trimming
  • Comes with or without VB cart connector
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