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Virtual Boy Cart Programmer

Virtual Boy Cart Programmer

Virtual Boy cart programmer.  Designed to be used with my 4/8/16/32/128/256 Mbit reprogrammable carts.  Comes in are regular housing printed from 3D carbon fiber.  ROMs are loaded onto an SD card that is inserted on the side of the unit.  A terminal program such as RealTerm is required to control the programmer over USB from a computer.  Comes with a free 16Mbit reprogrammable cart.


Features overview:

  • Carbon fiber printed regular case
  • White on black OLED screen
  • SD card interface for ROMs
  • USB interface
  • Programs 4/8/16/32/128/256 Mbit VB carts
  • Can dump SRAM contents for saving game progress
  • Can program expansion space memory
  • ASCII terminal interface using RealTerm


This product is mainly intended for Virtual Boy game developers.  I hand build each unit.  


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