Virtual Boy Controller Extension Cable

Virtual Boy Controller Extension Cable

Virtual Boy controller extension cable.  Made from my custom 3D printed carbon fiber parts.  All new parts including ports and pins.  This is especially useful for VB console mods were you need more controller length.  I now offer these in kit form or fully assembled.


Features overview:

  • Custom designed connectors
  • 5' long cable
  • Kit or assembled option
  • Kits come with everything except glue, solder, and hand tools


NOTE: If you order a "cable kit" you'll need hand tools to remove 3D print support material, insert DB pins into housings, epoxy to secure pins in housings, strip wires, solder to attach wires, and Loctite 401 glue to glue the housings together.  Zip ties are used internally for cable strain relief as well as to help hold housings together while glue dries.  Kits are offered as is and not refundable or repairable.  Please make sure you're comfortable with assembling cables and working with 3D printed parts if you order a kit.