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Virtual Boy Battery Pack

Virtual Boy Battery Pack


RetroOnyx USB-C rechargeable VB battery pack design with eInk indicator, high quality 3D printed carbon fiber housing, and aluminum top plate with laser etched graphics.  A high capacity lithium-ion cell gives you run times greater than the original Nintendo battery pack while allowing the conviences of rechargeable USB-C.  You can also fast charge via USB-C while playing for extended play.  This product will be built and distributed by RetroOnyx, LLC.   


Features overview:

  • eInk battery indicator
  • High quality 3D printed carbon fiber housing
  • Anodized black aluminum cover with laser etched graphic
  • Several choices of laser etched graphics for customization
  • USB-C connector for charging
  • Charge while playing for extended play
  • 22,200 mWh capacity lithium cell (1.6x of OEM pack)
  • Target weight of 135 grams
  • Over/under voltage protection and short circuit protection
  • Thermally monitored for increased charging safety
  • Target of 33mm thickness on housing


Original Nintendo Model # VUE-007 Battery pack specs:

  • 6 Double AA Batteries
  • 9V @ 1500mAh for 13,500 mWh (alkaline)
  • 189 grams loaded with batteries
  • ~40 mm thick housing at top end


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