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Wonderswan Battery Pack

Wonderswan Battery Pack


Assembled battery pack for Wonderswan Color. Intended for Wonderswan Color users who upgraded to a IPS screen kit. This battery pack was designed to maximize the battery area without covering up the game cartridge artwork. That particular design choice was made specifically with my future WS eInk flash cart in mind.  The curvature of this battery pack was designed for a snug fit on WS Color, but also fits SwanCrystal.  Black and white Wonderswan units will also work but with a curvature mismatch.


Features overview:

  • New improved high quality surface finish cases
  • Anodized black aluminum cover with laser etched graphic
  • USB-C connector with fast charging enabled
  • Charge while playing for extended play
  • 2300mAh capacity lithium cell
  • ~11 hour battery life with IPS screen kit at minimum brightness
  • ~45 day standby time
  • Over/under voltage protection and short circuit protection
  • Thermally monitored for increased charging safety
  • Weight of 75 grams
  • Fits WS Color and SwanCrystal consoles
  • Also fits black/white Wonderswan with slight bottom curvature mismatch


Anyone who purchases a WS battery kit will be eligible for a 10% discount on my WS eInk flash cart when it becomes available.


Note: Only battery pack is included. Pictures shown above may have a console and other accessories shown.

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