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Wonderswan USB Link Cable

Wonderswan USB Link Cable

Wonderswan EXT port to USB cable.  This is quite frequentlly used to update a WonderWitch serial cable.  Can also be used for development purposes when interfacing to the EXT port.  


Features overview:

  • Custom designed 3D printed carbon fiber connectors
  • Proper Wonderswan EXT port connector (not HDMI)
  • USB STD A connector for USB end
  • Works as cable replacement for WonderWitch flash cart
  • WonderWitch GUI Translation

    This translation PDF should help English speakers get started with the Japanese TransMagic WW GUI.

  • WonderWitch Advanced Usage PDF

    This PDF has some details on using XModem to transfer fx files to WonderWitch if TransMagic isn't working.

  • WonderWitch Remote Shell Info

    Another PDF from the WonderWitch docs translated.  This one is for more details on the remote commands that can be used over the EXT port to control WonderWitch

  • WonderWitch fx File Reference

    Another translated PDF with some minor details on fx file needed for transfer using Xmodem to WonderWitch.

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