HyperFlash32 Batch 1 Stats

I just finished building all of the HF32 batch 1 units this week. Some interesting stats/facts I wanted to share.

~6% of HF32 are prototype units from the initial test run.

~41% FR4 Top Covers

~59% Alum. Top Covers

~82% Black Top Covers

~13% Red Top Covers

~5% Gold Top Covers

~87% BW eInk

~12% BWR eInk

~1% BWY eInk

0% scrap on bottom PCBs

~0.5% scrap on middle PCBs

~2% scrap on eInk displays

I scrapped 2.5 FR4 covers for every 1 that I shipped. :-(

I scrapped about 18% of the aluminum panels I purchased.

~14% of bottom PCBs had a blemish on them.

Every Bottom PCB had a resistor mod on it.