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HyperFlash32 Batch 1 Stats

I just finished building all of the HF32 batch 1 units this week. Some interesting stats/facts I wanted to share.

~6% of HF32 are prototype units from the initial test run.

~41% FR4 Top Covers

~59% Alum. Top Covers

~82% Black Top Covers

~13% Red Top Covers

~5% Gold Top Covers

~87% BW eInk

~12% BWR eInk

~1% BWY eInk

0% scrap on bottom PCBs

~0.5% scrap on middle PCBs

~2% scrap on eInk displays

I scrapped 2.5 FR4 covers for every 1 that I shipped. :-(

I scrapped about 18% of the aluminum panels I purchased.

~14% of bottom PCBs had a blemish on them.

Every Bottom PCB had a resistor mod on it.

Every Middle PCB had a mod , SRAM, and haptic installed.

Every HF32 frame was printed in house on my 3D printer.

Initially HF32 prototypes took 1.5 hours to assemble. This was torture!

Production HF32 took on average 45 minutes to assemble/program/test.


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