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Virtual Boy Rumble Pack

Virtual Boy Rumble Pack


This is a Virtual Boy rumble kit.  The housing is made from high quality multijet chopped carbon fiber printed parts.  This rumble pack goes on the back of your VB controller and plugs into the VB communication "link" port and will allow haptic feedback for supported VB games.  A rumble pack includes a 110V AC/DC wall adapter.   This means the unit doubles as an AC/DC power pack replacement as well.  With the help of the VUEngine team, you also have the option of a game themed aluminum cover plate!


Features overview:

  • Rumble haptics on VB
  • Game themed aluminum cover plate
  • Doubles as AC/DC pack for VB
  • AC/DC adapter (USA only)
  • Developer USB-C (USB 2.0) port


Prototype rumble packs were sent to several key VB developers to add rumble support to their games.  The VB games currently supporting the rumble pack are:


  • Virtual Warzone
  • Formula V
  • FishBone
  • Capitán Sevilla Demo
  • Red Alarm Patch
  • Early Prototype VB Rumble Video

    Here is a early video when I first tested the VB rumble idea using the game Formula V from the VUEngine team.  

  • VB Rumble file

    This file has the details developers need to drive a VB rumble pack from their game.

  • Formula V Rumble ROM

    The rumble enabled Formula V ROM can be found here.

  • Capitán Sevilla Demo Rumble ROM

    The Capitán Sevilla demo rumble enabled ROM can be found here.

  • Virtual WarZone Rumble ROM

    You can purchase the Virtual WarZone rumble enabled ROM here, if you're a HF32 or HyperBoy owner.  Otherwise you can purchase a physical cart or complete-in-box-set here.

  • FishBone Rumble ROM

    Grab FishBone rumble over at Thunderstrucks Patreon page.  

  • Red Alarm Rumble ROM Patch

    You can find the Red Alarm IPS patch over at PlanetVB.  

  • Rumble Developer Pack

    Here is information to help developers add rumble capability to their Virtual Boy games.

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