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Virtual WarZone ROM for HF32/HB Owners

Virtual WarZone ROM for HF32/HB Owners


Virtual WarZone digital ROM file for HyperFlash32 and HyperBoy owners.  You will need to have a valid HF32/HB order number and email that will be verified prior to emailing the ROM file.


Pilot a Next Generation Tank with 3-D HUD!


You are a tank commander piloting a next generation tank.  Using a heads-up display, you are given see-through armor capabilities! Your objective is to hunt down enemy tanks, turrets, and helicopters using your onboard radar and compass while defending the land. Use your machine gun and turret wisely or enemy AI will take you out! 


Game Feature Overview:

  • Fight for high score and to unlock enemy stats in the gallery
  • Switchable control modes and adjustable 3-D depth
  • Latest generation VUEngine graphics and optimizations
  • Battery backed SRAM to save high scores and gallery unlocks
  • Rumble pack compatible
  • Link cable compatible
  • Adjustable 3D depth
  • Compatible with HF32 and HyperBoy flash carts


Note: This ROM is not optimized/designed for emulators.

  • VUEngine Patreon

    You can support the VUEngine team via their Patreon.

  • HF32 BWR Label

    Here's a BWR label for HF32 owners.

  • HF32 BW Label

    Here's a BW label for HF32 owners.

  • VB Rumble link

    Here's the VB rumble pack for adding haptics to this game.

  • VB link cable

    Here's the VB link cable for 2 player mode.

  • Virtual WarZone Web Manual

    Here's a web version of the Virtual WarZone manual.  It's not as high resolution as a printed manual but all the details are there.  

  • Virtual WarZone Wallpaper

    Here's a Virtual WarZone wallpaper!

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